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AI powered marketing
Remy Sharp
Kuldeep Parashar
August 30, 2022

What is AI Powered Marketing ?

Artificial intelligence marketing makes appropriate decisions based on information collection, data processing, and extra observations of viewers or economic trends which may impact marketing. AI is frequently used in marketing initiatives where speed is critical. Strolling down the street, you caught sight of this stunning handbag as the sky began to tinge orange. It is quite understandable that you long for it so ardently, however you stand oblivious regarding its whereabouts. Visual search is just the solution you are looking for. Shredding aside the text search patriarchy, been employed since time immemorial, visual search encapsulates an offline experience in an online manner.

How is AI-Powered Marketing changing the world ?

By 2025, up to 85% of customer contacts will be handled without human involvement, according to a recent Business Insider analysis. Digital marketing will experience a revolution owing to visual search. It has been made possible by Magnolia Market, a great customer service retailer with the tagline "Take control of the environment you are in." A distinctive experience infused with food, entertainment, shopping, and a garden. Basically, we use the app to look for a product and then decide to view it at home. As a result, the camera scans the surface and places the product on it digitally using augmented reality. Before buying the item, you can rotate it to see how it looks. Collaborated with Shopify Plus to develop an augmented app that allows users to view products in 3D and place them in their homes. Ensure the maximum level of photo realism

How does an AI based chatbot assist you ?

Starting with a questionnaire about their product preferences, Sephora's chatbot assisted shoppers in reducing their alternatives. In the cosmetics industry, where the choices might be overwhelming and impossible to buy without personally testing them, product preferences are particularly helpful. It uses a facial recognition technology that serves as a virtual assistant for trying out various makeup items. Sephora launched other chatbots on Messenger after their experiment garnered enough interaction and yielded important data from their chatbot. A fun and educational experience was intended to draw in a younger demographic. In a conversational style that they feel is appropriate for the setting where they are currently spending time.

How does PensionBox help ?

PensionBox is based on a dynamic retirement income concept that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in getting the right retirement planning answers. PensionBox AI powered chatbot will assist you with all your queries and will help you to connect with PensionBox more efficiently. Your privacy and safety are our top priorities when it comes to technology. We are approved by our regulator PFRDA as POP SE and work with ICICI as our partner. We are ISO 27001 certified. Sign Up and download the app on Android and on IOS.