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Why save for retirement in your 20s?
Remy Sharp
Vaishnavi Verma
  • April 29, 2024
  • Pension & Retirement
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    Why is saving for retirement in your 20s important?Saving for retirement in your 20s sets a strong financial foundation for your future. With fewer responsibilities and liabilities, you can allocate more towards savings, ensuring a comfortable retirement.
    How does starting early benefit retirement savings?Starting to save in your 20s allows for longer investment periods, which can significantly multiply your savings through compounded interest and reinvested earnings, even with small initial contributions.
    What are some effective ways to start saving in 20s?There are various investment options like NPS, Life Insurance, ELSS, PPF, and NSC that offer tax benefits and long-term growth potential, making them ideal choices for retirement savings in your 20s.

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