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Everything you need to know about PensionBox’s co-creators community
Remy Sharp
Kuldeep Parashar
Sept 8, 2021

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is the process of building a solution to solve a major problem with the people who are facing it. Imagine a shoe company that creates shoes for the athletes according to their requirement as per their feedback, being well versed with details regarding their comfort and challenges beforehand and catering product accordingly.
Won’t they make better shoes? Chances are, they will.

How does it work?

For decades, companies have made products first and then sold them to the users through marketing & advertising. Some companies did great and some didn’t.
Co-creation bridges the gap between a company & its customers.Companies know about their customer’s need and the customers see the product in making from day one.

  • With PensionBox, users can use the link: to create their early access ticket.
  • Post sign up, you will receive an introduction call from our founders or core team members.
  • After the call, we help early users to become a part of our co-creators community who help us build PensionBox with feedback & requirements.

What are the benefits for early users?

First & foremost, You are more likely to build the right product.
Isn’t that the whole point? Every company & founder spends hours figuring out the needs of their customers.
5 Benefits for users to help companies as co-creators

  • Early access to all the features & product
  • Access to the founding team
  • See the product in making
  • Power to voice your thoughts & make an impact
  • Be part of a larger initiative

To be honest, there are some benefits for us (companies as well)

  • A better understanding of user’s need
  • Less time spend on iterations or changes
  • Better product-market fit from early days

Why should you build PensionBox with us?

PensionBox is India’s first digital pension platform that helps people like us to plan for a better future.
At PensionBox, we are solving the great Indian retirement & pension problem for millions of Indian people. We believe our people can stay financially independent in their most vulnerable years (old age). We are doing it by joining hands with people who want to solve the problem with us as our co-creators!

  • We ask them what they feel about retirement?
  • Why are they saving for retirement & how?
  • If not then why so? & so on…

Future of creation is co-creation & Future of Pension is PensionBox!
Do we need more reasons? We don’t think so.
Welcome aboard!

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